If not doing this, you’ll find me …

… gardening, or better yet, laying brick. I grew up helping – OK, mostly watching – my dad, a civil engineer, spend his weekends creating a backyard landscape of brick and wood structures, plantings, and brick patios.

Dad loved working with bricks, and whatever that bug was, I caught it.


Turns out that laying a brick patio is a lot like how an organization establishes effective information governance. Have a plan that fits your site conditions and meets your needs. Start by setting a proper foundation. Use sturdy materials. Get your hands dirty. And work methodically, one brick at a time, placed level, tight, and right.

Most importantly, lay a brick patio in sand, not mortar. Over time the ground moves, and mortar inevitably cracks. But a patio of brick pavers laid snugly in compressed sand will flex with the ground, lasting for decades. Resilient beats rigid, every time. Thanks Dad.