Data Retention

Compliantly and effectively managing your company’s information requires more than information technology – you need rules for your tools.  We help clients establish actionable rules for information retention with legally validated records retention schedules.

Your retention schedule is a practical, structural framework for all valuable information of your organization. This information framework is tied to rules for how all information (paper, electronic, or other media) will be managed throughout its lifecycle. The schedule establishes retention periods based on both legal requirements and business needs, and can also capture other important governance rules, such as custodianship, permissible media, and privacy and security controls. The schedule must also allow for practical implementation against your organization’s electronic data and paper records.


Schedule Validation

We review, validate, and update retention schedules for clients who already have a reliable schedule. Our resources include our proprietary dataset of retention legal requirements and considerations found in statutes and regulations of the U.S. federal system and each of the 50 states. We build on that foundation with industry and custom research tailored to each client. Our retention schedule work is directly compatible with big or small bucket structures and use of either legal group frameworks or direct assignment of citations and requirements to each record series. We can also identify and provide legal requirements beyond retention rules, such as for privacy and security controls and media requirements.

Schedule Creation

For companies that do not have an up-to-date, reliable retention schedule, we offer a range of efficient and cost-effective solutions. We can prepare and provide a proposed retention schedule based upon your industry and particulars.  We can also guide your internal project team as it assesses and identifies information types across your company’s functions. Either way, our years of experience  with retention scheduling across industries is an invaluable guide for this effort, so that you begin the process with the end in mind.