Data Management & Defensible Disposition

It’s not enough to have the right rules for your information – the rules must be implemented. We help refine your information policies and procedures to be more actionable. We also guide you in the practicalities of compliant and effective implementation, helping you solve problems and reach concrete, measurable objectives of Information Governance, such as:

  • Developing departmental file plans and other structures to create traction for retention policies and schedules;
  • Selecting the right strategies for internally publishing retention policies and schedules, and deploying guidance and training for employees and other stakeholders;
  • Applying retention policies and schedules to workflows for managing paper records, such as control processes for records being sent to offsite storage;
  • Incorporating retention policies and schedules into data management systems, such as email systems, email archive structures, and enterprise content management applications;
  • Using retention policies and schedules in targeted Information Governance projects, such as defensibly remediating legacy troves of data or paper; and
  • Integrating retention policies and schedules into litigation readiness and legal hold processes in advance of litigation.